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Maree Wells

Personal Blog
I am designing a new kingdom.
Within my safe haven bubble in New Zealand.

Turning the Covid-19 Negativity into something positive.
While we are in a virtual society, now is the time to explore new opportunities.

I am the founder of the Dollar Wise Network (Established 2009).

Watch as I design and develop our Remote Buying and shopping portal.
Be sure to fill in the Down Line Builder Program. Leveraging your income from all your referral spending.

Now more than ever is the time to start supporting your Local Community so we can all establish new goals and visions for the hard times ahead.
Your first video purchase activates Face Book Cooperative Crowd Fundraising Entry.
Click the links and view different cooperative teams. SFI, Adexchange, Kiwi Creations.

Mary Te Ataarangi Hati

Hi my name is Mary all the way from Down-Under, little ole New Zealand. We may be tucked under on the world globe, But are strong as a nation and fly high with the rest world, Number one in many sports around the globe to name a few WOMEN 7s Rugby, Lydia ko Women Golf, Men’s Rugby.
Treaty of Waitangi was signed on the 6 February 1840 this was when More than 40 Maori chiefs signed a treaty with the British Crown. This Treaty of Waitangi’ remains controversial even right up today’s date
New Zealand is made up with 2 main Islands with really cool Names I live in the North Island, and the other island is The South Island. About us been tucked away down under the globe beautiful forest, Lakes, Mountain, Snow, Fresh clean rivers crisp air, Beautiful white sandy clean beaches. We are very fortunate in our country We don’t have snakes or any poison insets, Spiders’ ect of any kind in New Zealand

I have two great passions, Grandchildren, Fishing. I get to see most of my grand children during the school holidays and talk on the phone with the one’s form out of town.
Fishing: Well I hit the jackpot when I married my husband as we both learnt to love fishing. We have fished all over the North Island, everywhere we have moved with our jobs ect, we make sure we are by the coast line. When our children were younger we used to go camping at the campsite by the beach.
Larry Roederer

Personal Blog
My name Is Larry I have been with SFI for over two years.
My team leader Is Maree Wells she is very knowledgeable and supportive with helping me build my team.
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All you need for success is here.
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